1. General

This is the refund policy of Bankonites, (hereinafter referred to as “Bankonites“) which applies to all Bankonites websites and services.

This refund policy of Bankonites is intended for all users of the Bankonites websites and services (“user”). The Bankonites services are digital in nature and hence once the delivery of the service/campaign is complete then it is not reversible thus refund are only possible in special cases as discussed further.

2. Payment Refund

2.1 Refund on Invoices:
If the user has added funds to their USD/INR Balance or make any purchase or placed any order then they may ask for the refund as per the following:-

  • If asked within an hour, a full refund minus gateway fee (min: $1) will be applicable.
  • If asked within a day, a full refund minus 5% handling+gateway fee (min: $1) will be applicable.
  • If asked after a day, a full refund minus 10% handling+gateway+markup fee (min: $1) will be applicable.

Please find some exceptions below:-

  • No refund, if funds associated with the invoice are used either partially or fully i.e user must not use their funds for purchasing any services such as creating campaigns or placing orders.
  • No refund, if payment was made by wire or bank transfer or cryptocurrencies or any non-instant payment method/gateway.
  • No refund, if payment was made by gateways that don’t have the facility to refund the transaction.

2.2 Refund on Campaigns/Orders:
Refund associated with campaigns/orders will be given to your USD/INR Balance only but not be given on your invoice (original payment method). If the user creates the campaign or places the order using their USD/INR Balance and do not want to continue with the same then they may terminate the campaign or cancel the order (if applicable and available) to get the refund, back to their USD/INR Balance. The refund may be partial depending on the progress of the campaign/order already achieved. Please find some exceptions below:-

  • No refund, if the situation comes under the “SERVICE DISCLAIMER” section of our ToS given at https://seoeshop.com/page/terms.php#ToS.
  • No refund, if the promoted website is not free to access or malware or does not exist in the web space.
  • No refund, if the ranking of your website does not improve or fluctuates after running web backlink campaigns on our platform (we charge you for backlink, not ranking).
  • No refund, if the promoted website does not exist within the Top search results for the targeted keyword (in the targeted country, if applicable).

2.3 Refund on Account Balance
Account balance is non-refundable however;

  • If the USD/INR Balance >= invoice value (any invoice), you may ask refund on the invoice basis.
  • If the USD/INR Balance < invoice value (any invoice), we can’t refund since it indicates that funds are either partially or fully used.

3. Payment Disputes & Chargebacks

You must not dispute PayPal directly, without contacting the support team first. You may use PayPal dispute at the end when you are not satisfied with the resolution given by support team but you must first contact support in any case and explain your problem or justify the need for the refund.
Note: make sure you must wait for the response /resolution by the support team after you reach us.

If you dispute PayPal directly without contacting support first or waiting for a response/resolution from them then you may become ineligible for any refund from our end at all because in that case you have breached our policy by going against to it. Please note that If you contact support then your problem will be solved as soon as possible, but PayPal dispute will delay it upto 10 times or more than 30 days. Its better to contact support and get resolution faster and smoother.

4. Special / Other Cases

There are some cases which are special i.e does not come under any of the above and need to be discussed exclusively, In such case, you can contact support and explain your problem, if we found your problem genuine then we may give you the refund or proper resolution.